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I’ve spent 20 years looking for creative solutions to complicated technological problems.

Who I Am

I’ve been crafting digital experiences since I was 15 years old. When I was young I wrote poetry until I learned to code. In my mind there was no disconnect. The sequence of words in a poem captured a feeling or idea and in the same way the sequences of characters in a terminal screen captured a utility. Whether it’s crafting software to find the optimal price for a hotel room or to capture the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, the core principles remain the same: an interface reflects the real world to the user and that connection is vital for success.

You should work with me because I don’t want the easy solution, I won’t settle for status quo, and I won’t stop moving forward. I bring passion, experience, and intuition that few possess. I’m open to every challenge, whether it’s putting the entire platform on my back to cross the finish line or empowering and inspiring a team, I’m ready to go.

Selected Accomplishments

Features speaker at multiple conferences including HTML5.tx, Front Porch, CSSDEVCONF and The Future of Web Design.

Author of The Responsive Web.

Additional Highlights:

  • Built and deployed cloud-based server infrastructure with AWS, EC2, RDS, CloudFront, S3 and Route 53.

  • Co-managed budgets valued from $500K to $2M in conjunction with the project manager.

  • Acquired $7-$10M in new business, by collaborating with business and sales teams to pitch work to clients including National Geographic, WWE, Globe & Mail, La Quinta,andGoogle.

  • Managed teams of 12 developers and 3 Technology Directors.

  • Developed and launched a start up from interception to a series A funding of $5 Million.

My Philosophy

I try to guide my work under a few core principles:

  • Technology is tranquil. I believe in calm technology that informs the user without overburdening them

  • Technology is equitable. I strive to find solutions that improve the quality of life for all potential users.

  • Technology is beautiful. I believe in the beauty of the natural world and I strive to find interface solutions that reflect this.

Away From The Keyboard

When I’m not online I strive to return to natural experiences and stay in connection with the material world. I’m an avid gardener and woodworker. My art is inspired by American Modernism and Minimalism. I look for ways to reduce a piece to it’s essential components while infusing technology to increase utility and ambiance that serves as a bridge between the physical and the digital.